As many of my family and friends know this summer I got to travel to Nicaragua for two weeks. This was my first time traveling out of the country and it was an amazing experience. The purpose of this trip was to preach or serve where the need is great. I knew that this would be a life changing experience yet I had very little expectation so I developed a great appreciation and had the ultimate experience. I knew that this trip would determine if I truly am about that travel life. And I came to the conclusion that I am. This trip was the beginning of something amazing a life of travel for me. Words cannot express the feelings that I have regarding this trip just know I had the time of my life and the only thing I love more than preaching is preaching outside of my comfort zone this helped me to have a much deeper appreciation for the service that I do. Thank you so much to everyone that made this trip happen for me I recognize this had nothing to do with me or anything that i worked hard to acheive I am nothing without Jehovah and the amazing people he put in my life that support me. Here are some photos from the trip. While I did take many photos I still feel like I did not take enough in having such a great time I would forget. And the photos I do have just don’t do it justice you have to go see it for yourself.

                                                                                                                Love, Karlisha




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