Zehira Sakae


Talented makeup artist are so worth obsessing over. Meet Zehira Jirves. She is a 20-year MUA that is just getting started! Some of her work was recently published by Her Source. Take a look at some of her work as she answers a few questions to tell us a little more about herself. Zehira is a freelance make up artist based in New York, Atlanta, South Carolina and the DMV area. Keep up with her on Instagram @Zehira.sakae2 to enjoy many different experiences with beautiful young ladies that are transformed every day as they conquer photo shoots, prom, fashion shows, weddings and more.

When did you get into makeup? “I’ve been into makeup since high school and it got really heavy as soon as I got my makeup done for prom and I started to always want to wear makeup and I would also try and recreate my prom look randomly.” What made you want to be a Makeup Artist? “Basically catering to other women..I didn’t really know that other women didn’t know how to do their make up”. What moved you to want to be your own boss? “Mostly providing for myself..Knowing how disrespectful others can be and not wanting to deal with that negative energy as well as having my own schedule that’s really what pushes me.”

What is your aspiration in life? “My aspiration is to be a mogul of course providing for my family, of course, making my own brand bigger. Mostly being creative and having that creative space to do what I love and provide.” What beauty influencers do you admire? “Jackie Aina, Alissa Ashley, and Terri Watson” What makes you different? “I don’t copy and I don’t look for too much attention when it comes to social media…everyone has their own light I’m very content with the process I don’t rush too much I go at my own pace I have my own techniques and I also try to use affordable products that my clients could easily purchase for themselves.”


What motivates you? “Seeing my family struggle for so long and my mother struggling as a single parent definitely motivates me to want venture out and not take the traditional route. I did take a break from college which has given me some time on my hands that I am using wisely..seeing growth within myself. My sister motivates me as well as my cousin who is a freelance artist that has helped me to see that freelance is very difficult sometimes you want to cry,  so her support and realistic experiences are so important to me”

To your best knowledge, how does your work make you and others feel? “I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback.. but I do look for constructive criticism and I’m always finding people to point me in the right direction and help me to be that great artist that I am working hard to be.” Any other comments? “No matter what or how people perceive makeup especially when it comes to women of color no matter what people may say makeup is not you and you are not makeup. When it comes to you loving yourself it starts within. Makeup is temporary you have to be acceptant of who you are in totality there’s nothing wrong with covering up blemishes but makeup is not you don’t need makeup..make up needs you.”


Thank you Zehira for taking the time to chat with us and sharing your light. We look forward to seeing more of your work to come. Keep inspiring..keep pushing..keep doing what you love!

Social Media: Instagram @Zehira.sakae & @Zehira.sakae2

Facebook: Zehira Sakae Make up



4 thoughts on “Zehira Sakae

  1. EJWig says:

    I need to get some MUA tips for an everyday makeup look…How to keep a fresh face? What to use to open & accentuate my eyes…Does she have a YT channel?

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