Smash box primer

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I love the smash box primer. It is super light weight and makes applying foundation so much easier. It is so simple and easy to use my foundation goes on so much smoother when applying. I love knowing that I am treating and protecting my skin before applying makeup. Skin care is so important to me. Different primers address different concerns like reducing redness, wrinkles, oil control, large pores, blurring blemishes and more. But all primers are made to help foundation last longer and go on smoother.Primers are a necessity for makeup lovers and once you start using them you will not want to do your makeup without one. The smash box photo finish primer is #1. That is what originally attracted me to it. It can be used alone or with makeup. I apply two little dots on my whole face using my fingertips. I give it a second to set then I apply my foundation on top. Primers and setting sprays help to keep your makeup fresh all day. This is the original smash box primer there are nine other smash box primers for you to choose from.

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