Low porosity hair


Product review on Shea moisture low porosity shampoo and conditioner: Both products have a unique fresh scent. The tea tree oils stick out the most. These are both made for low porosity or protein sensitive hair. I had been wanting to try these out since I found out that I had low porosity hair summer of 2016. I was so excited to finally try them a couple of weeks ago (I found them on sale OMG). The shampoo gently cleaned my hair without drying it out. Both products softened my hair making wash day go very smoothly. For the most part, I like to detangle with conditioner in my hair. While this conditioner does not have a lot of slip I still did not experience a lot of shedding because of how much my hair softened. I really appreciate this because of my goal to have fuller healthier hair. Every strand counts.

The front of the bottle says that it “softens & balance moisture resistant curly, coily hair”. Both times that I have used the products were before protective styles so I’m not sure how it does before direct heat styles.I do not plan on using them before heat styles because of the ingredients. I feel like it’s so perfect for protective styles my hair receives my avocado hair milk and other moisturizers so much better after using this shampoo and conditioner paired. I wouldn’t recommend using more than once within two weeks however you know your hair do what works for you. There is a high porosity line too.img_2770

Why care about porosity? Well for me this takes out the question of whether or not I’m going to risk trying certain products. Products that contain a high portion of protein in particular. A little over a year ago I experienced a protein overload and it was not fun. Porosity is a way of measuring how well your hair absorbs water/moisture. I have a low porosity level meaning my hair cuticles are very tight and moisture resistant. Low porosity hair is more prone to product build up. Which is why it’s best to use protein free conditioners. Honey and coconut oil are great natural products to use on low porosity hair.

I have been told from multiple professional stylists that everyone needs some type of protein for their hair at some point. But from what I have experienced so far my hair is doing so much better without it. I have never been one to do protein treatments routinely but I did try a “strengthening” shampoo & conditioner once and shortly after I had a protein overload. Now I don’t use any products that say strengthening. Some of my hair products I use for styling have protein just not as much so they are safe to use. Also, some hair gels have a great amount of protein in them so be very careful about that. I want to get some more experience and then I will create a list of products that are safe to use on low porosity hair.

If you have high porosity hair this means that moisture flows in and out of cuticles easily. The moisture retention is very low which causes breakage. You want to layer product in order to seal your cuticle and retain as much moisture as possible. Also, it is recommended to make sure you are not shampooing too often because this can contribute to more damage. Heavy moisturizers and or butters can help when layered on top of a leave-in conditioner or hair treatment. However, I do not have high porosity hair, therefore, I cannot speak from experience. These are just suggestions but I’d love to know what your hair care routine is if you have high porosity hair. What works for you?

Now we know why some amazing products just don’t work for everyone. If you ever have a protein overload clarify your hair and avoid using ANY products with protein until your hair is manageable. I will do a follow-up blog post on the topic of porosity so feel free to ask me any questions or give recommendations.



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