Product Review: Honey and Ginger Edge Gel

I have tried out a variety of edge controls over the years. Some have been good, okay, or completely horrible. About six months ago I started using Honey and Ginger Edge gel by Mielle Organics and I love it! I can honestly say that it is the best edge gel I have come across. I feel like I don’t have to settle for just any edge control because this one does the job fully. I am currently on my third jar!


Two of the main ingredients are honey and ginger. I absolutely love honey and I add it to all of my conditioners. Honey softens your hair adding moisture and shine leaving your hair luxurious and silky. Ginger stimulates circulation. Both products promote healthy hair growth. One of my current hair goals noted in my first hair diary is to improve my edges overall so this product will help. This gel smells amazing just like ginger. It never hardens or flakes. It feels very soft and smooth. Nice texture it’s not too jelly feels more like a paste.


Works best when used on clean hair. Great for natural hairstyles. I love to use it on my edges when doing a braid-out, twist-out, or a bun. Can also be used with roller sets and silk pressed hair and it can help clean up any hairstyle I’m sure. Great way to tame edges without using heat.  I have noticed it sometimes turns white after a couple of days on some natural styles but I usually just spray leave in conditioner and it goes away.

It is sold for $12.99 on the site and  $12.99-$13.99 in stores. The jar is much larger than most edge gels so it will last much longer. I suggest keeping the jar tightly closed so that it does not dry out. I always recommend this product to my close friends and I haven’t heard any complaints. I give it a thumbs up!


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