Hair diary #1 


I’m sooo excited about my first hair diary! YAY! I decided to answer some of the questions I’ve gotten the past few months along with possible questions some may have now. I recently got a very good trim getting rid of all of my dead ends. It feels great to have a fresh start and set some new goals for the new year. I hope you enjoy this hair diary. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments or by email.


Why did I decide to color my hair in April? 

After exceeding my goal length I was pretty much bored with my hair. I wanted to try something new, but different. I was either going to get a unique cut, or try a new color. After thinking on it for a couple of months I decided I was going for a brown golden look and I loved how it turned out. I got so many compliments it was just really exciting.

Do I regret bleaching my hair?

No. I wanted to try something new it was a very interesting experience. If you change your hair color often you probably can relate to this,  but that when my hair is colored Icopperhair-2 want my dark brown hair back, and when it is dark I miss the “fun” of color whether it be streaks or highlights. Overall I loved the color. I wish I knew more about keeping my hair healthy early on. This is where I had issues my hair became super dry and sometimes lifeless. After seeing that my regular healthy hair routine was no longer working I  started trying new products. Eventually I found some that helped to keep my hair hydrated but by that time I had already had some damage done.


Will I be coloring my hair again?

After seeing all of what it takes to keep color treated hair healthy I know that it is possible but I will not be coloring my entire head again any time soon. Healthy hair is always the ultimate goal. Right now I am far too busy to keep up with color treated hair. My advice to anyone considering making a color change this year? Learn your hair type very well before hand. But no one knows just how much bleaching your hair can cause it to change until you do it so be prepared.


What are my hair goals for 2017?

I would like to see my hair grow 2 and a half inches. I also would like to see major improvements as far as fullness when it comes to my edges. (I had to trim those very well also)  I want my hair to remain thick and full of life as it grows longer. I would like to try a lot of new protective styles like a twisted up-do, halo braid,etc.

  How will I achieve my hair goal/ maintain healthy hair?  

  1. Regular trims (Most likely every three to four months until the color treated hair is all gone. But I will play it by ear.) (MOST IMPORTANT TIP)image-1-3
  2. Leave in conditioners to keep my hair moisturized
  3. Hair vitamins. Hairfinity to be exact I have used these vitamins before (THEY WORK)
  4. Daily moisturizing.
  5. Deep conditioning  and or hydration treatments at least twice a month
  6. Drinking lots of water
  7. Avoiding harsh chemicals
  8. Wrapping my hair to protect it from cotton damage.
  9. Massaging my scout with coconut oil before shampooing
  10. Anything to prevent breaking !

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