5 Basic Year-round hair tips


So many products, so many tips, and strategies to achieving healthy hair. You may be wondering where to begin. Achieving and maintaining healthy hair will take time and patience. I started my natural hair journey 7 years ago, just before it became a huge trend. I have learned a lot about my hair since then and I still learn new things every day. I want to share all of my hair tips I just love talking about hair care so I thought I would just share my top 5 year round hair tips that everyone can benefit from.

1.Trim you hair: I love a great trim!  How often you should trim your hair would depend on your hair. However having a good routine can help reduce split ends. Before my hair was color treated I got a good trim every six months as needed but now I trim it more often. I won’t say how often you should trim your own hair because only you would know the answer to that but you should definitely trim your hair if you want healthy hair.

2. Detangle from the bottom up: When detangling start at the ends and make your way up this will prevent breakage and make detangling much easier. And less painful. Many naturals like to split their hair in sections when detangling this is also very helpful when trying to prevent breakage and retain length. Also there are products made for detangling that make your hair softer.

3.Deep condition: Deep conditioning adds life to your hair. You want to deep condition your hair at least every two weeks. You may need to condition your hair once a week depending on whether or not your hair is color treated. And always deep condition after using shampoos/clarifiers.

4. Always use a leave in conditioner: Especially when using hot tools for extra protection and moisture. Your curls will benefit from leave in conditioners also everyone knows that hydrated curls are the best curls and leave in’s can also be used to refresh curls. You may want to have one  leave in for natural styles and maybe a lighter one for heated styles. Keeping your hair moisturized promotes hair growth & length retention.

5. Moisturize daily: Using a daily moisturizer will keep your hair hydrated between conditioning. I use a light Argan oil  by One’n Only daily but when I need extra moisture (mostly when wearing curly hair styles) I use more of a cream base product called avocado hair milk by mielle organics.

I hope you enjoyed learning 5 hair tips that encourage healthy hair growth. When it comes to products you really just have to be open and try new things until you find what works for you. I know it can be frustrating. One thing that I’ve learned is that when you find a product you do love you should stick with it. Learning about your hair type and porosity will save you a lot of time and money.




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